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Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press v. Office of Information Policy

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  1. Freedom of Information

Case Number: 1:20-cv-02092

Court: U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

Client: Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Complaint Filed: July 31, 2020

Background: In May 2018, Reporters Committee attorneys submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Office of Information Policy and the U.S. Justice Department seeking records regarding the Office of Government Information Services Empowerment Act of 2018.

On July 31, 2020, more than 800 days after filing the initial FOIA request, Reporters Committee attorneys filed a FOIA lawsuit against OIP and the Justice Department. The complaint argues that the government failed to comply with statutory deadlines and wrongfully withheld agency records.

Update: After the Office of Information Policy produced numerous records as a result of this litigation, Reporters Committee attorneys settled the case with the government in April 2022.


2020-07-31: Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief