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Reporters Committee announces reporter hotlines at Democratic, Republican conventions

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---------------------------------------------- Hotline numbers: DNC (Denver): (303) 376-2404 RNC (St. Paul): (651) 238-1884 Convention fliers: ----------------------------------------------

Hotline numbers:
DNC (Denver): (303) 376-2404
RNC (St. Paul): (651) 238-1884

Convention fliers:

Major political events in the last few years have had one thing in common: the arrest of, interference with or outright assault on journalists covering the news. To minimize these disruptions during the two upcoming political conventions — the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul the week after — the Reporters Committee has set up special 24-hour Media Hotlines for credentialed journalists covering the conventions, to ensure that cost-free legal assistance will be only a telephone call away.

“Unfortunately, the Reporters Committee hotline always gets used during the political conventions,” said Executive Director Lucy A. Dalglish. “But we’ve been fortunate over the past four decades to have the volunteer services of many local media lawyers in the convention cities who have helped us get reporters out of jail and back on the street covering the news very quickly.”

In Denver, attorneys with the law firm of Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, L.L.P. will operate the hotline. The attorneys who will respond to calls are Chris Beall, Tom Kelley, Ashley Kissinger, Adam Platt, and Steve Zansberg.

During the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, attorneys Paul Hannah of Kelly & Berens and Bill Tilton and George Dunn of Tilton & Dunn will handle the hotline calls.

The hotline lawyers will endeavor to work with police and public officials to help resolve problems for journalists arrested or detained during demonstrations or other disturbances that occur during the convention.

In addition, the general Reporters Committee hotline will be available as a backup at (800) 336-4243. Copies of fliers outlining procedures for resolving problems arising from detention or arrest will be available at the media centers at both convention sites, or directly from our web site at .

The Reporters Committee, a nonprofit association of reporters and editors established in 1970, provides cost-free legal advice and research assistance to journalists and their lawyers. The Reporters Committee has established such hotlines at every Democratic and Republican national convention since 1972.

For further information, contact: Lucy Dalglish, Executive Director, at the Reporters Committee, (703) 807-2100; Ashley Kissinger at (303) 376-2407 or Tom Kelley at (303) 376-2410; or Paul Hannah at (612) 349-6171 or Bill Tilton at (612) 867-7473.