E-mail messages are treated the same as other paper records under the open records law. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 44:1; City of Pineville v. Aymond, 982 So.2d 292 (La. App. 2008).

Requesters in Louisiana are able to request electronic copies of records under an April 2009 ruling from the state Court of Appeals. In Johnson v. City of Pineville, 2009 WL 929841 (La. App. 2009) the court held that a requester should be accommodated when seeking the reproduction of records on a CD, DVD or flash drive. The court explained, “We are dealing with a developing area of law and we are quick to emphasize that this opinion does not stand for the proposition that every member of the public should always be allowed to reproduce the public records in any way he chooses. . . . Given that this information technology is readily available and is easily used and understood, we find no reason why the public should not be allowed the convenience of having electronic copies provided to it at the legally allowed cost.”

According to the Louisiana State Archives policy, e-mail of all government bodies should be subject to the same records retention schedule as if it were a paper record.